Game stuff kinda

All gaming related stuff ive done, from mods to actual games! (or moreso actual game, i have only one finished game)


Games ive made


Tails Tornado Defense

Tails Tornado Defense is a Sonic the Hedgehog fanmade rhythm game based off of the tornado defense levels from sonic unleashed.


Custom levels/mods


Christmas City (Garrys Mod)

A Garrys Mod sandbox map that takes place in the smaller, darker and lonelier part of a city that throws the biggest christmas celebration ever each year during december, with a giant christmas tree right in the middle of the city!


Freemen Base (Garrys Mod)

literally just a map i made for one specific group of friends based off of a gmod save file we made once of a base for our group, pretty much only us (and like, the 1 person that actually watched our streams) will get it and not be confused but screw you i like how it turned out and im putting it here anywayHHHHHHHH


Magnet Dash Course (Sonic Frontiers)

Levelmod for Sonic Frontiers that takes advantage of the previously a glitch Magnet Dash (or homing dash if youre lame), the level is made of block objects and such making it look,, very beginner rom hack level ish BUT this was the best you could do with the tools and knowledge for modding frontiers at the time so plz look past the lack of polish in that area.