THE GAME IS OUT AND I AM.... really tired... im gonna be honest development on this game got kinda rough, mid dev heck probably? idk. im honestly kinda afraid to look at any feedback this game gets on gamejolt because i dont really think the game is all that good? finishing those final few levels up was such a chore and not much fun, i just wanted the game to be done with. replaying through the whole finished game when playtesting gave me some confidence? like its not that bad but goddang rhythm game players will rip this game to shreds lol. and non rhythm game players will find the game too hard probably, the game is in such a weird inbetween with that stuff. but the game is out regardless! and i can move onto other (for now more simple) things! you can download the game from gamejolt, the download button at the top of the page should redirect you there. basically, i dont think im gonna be checking the gamejolt comments lol.


so uh, like, game is still being worked on trust me, im just less active with updates cuz i have less big things to show that i want to show (stuff like the basic gameplay, menus, etc.), but, speaking of big things...



Big fishing concept! this isnt ingame, this is just a quick image i made in paintdotnet with sprites i already had (and a big sprite from the sonic 2 pink edition rom hack by e-122-psi). anyways i had the idea for this after fluentchaos' stream of the extended demo, basically he had a rough time getting through some levels and so he grinded for star medals (currency) on the tutorial level,, over, and over, and over.,,, to unlock upgrades that might help.


the idea is to make a side game that lets you more efficiently grind for these medals in a way thats more enjoyable than grinding the tutorial level or something similar to that.


the idea i have in my mind for this is that when you enter the fishing level, itd play a random song thats either slower paced or related to big in some way. you would have to hit the right button when the robot hit the green line, rather than just being able to hit them from anywhere at the cost of more power, big would then fish that robot out from the water and your score would go up. after maybe 10 sucessful hits in a row, a star medal would come into the current and you would be able to fish that up, giving you a star medal. as for the score on this, id make it so you can continue building up your score on this level whenever you want, rather than starting from 0 each time you open the level.


im not entirely sure how i want to go about giving the player access to this level though, i feel like i could maybe add a fishing rod item to the shop in a new items tab that grants you access to it, but i really dont feel like modifying any more ui code being entirely honest, the code for the ui is such a nightmare, it literally lags the engine im using when i open it all up (i dont think the code is too unoptimized its just that the engine im using isnt the most powerful, though maybe im wrong and my code is unoptimized in some places who knows o~o). i could potentially just change the "emeralds" tab to "items", itd require some messing with the code, to allow for more than 4 spaces in that part of the shop but itd be alot easier than adding a whole new tab


quick mockup of what it might look like.


usually i wouldnt want to throw this concept out there in the event i do add it to the game, since i want some things to be a surprise still, however not many people who will play this game are probably following the development for it on this page very closely, and almost none of them will even have seen this page more than once im sure. plus, im not entirely sure if i want to add even more to my plate for things to add to the game. plus plus, this could potentially screw balance and make it so people can just quickly get the best upgrade and dont have to get good at the game (though, if people dont have to get good at the game to get through it, that might be moreso an issue with the upgrades balancing rather than the fishing), and this might be just abit too different than everything else to add to this game. though i guess that didnt stop the sonic adventure devs from adding the chao gardens into the adventure games so who knows lol.


PUBLIC ONLINE DEMO!!!1!! :D scroll to the top of the page to play the demo! you can play it in a new tab fullscreened with the "open game in new tab" link right under the demo, you probably already knew that tho since ur here so uhhhhhhh,,,, oh yea you can watch an extended demo with the first 4 levels over here at fluentchaos' twitch channel! and im too lazy to say everything else just get the rest of the info here on the youtube video trailer thing idk




added a secret sound test. i plan on adding abunch of secrets and cheat codes and such to it. not really sure what else to put here i just feel like i had to put some sort of update here for the website lol. audio might be abit quiet.





12/9/2022 (from twitter)

menu screen, its not perfect but it works for now. the games logo  will be on the left of the main menu when i actually have a name for the game o_o


also theres an empty button on the second screen cuz im not sure if ill add the extra feature planned to be there




12/7/2022 (from twitter)

WIP rythm fangame thing based off of tornado defense from sonic unleashed